Acoustic EP

by Jonathan Cannamore

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After "When I Was' " release in 2013 I was convinced to hopefully release another fully-instrumented electric album in 2014. But after a few talks with some friends, I realized the music I recorded (even though electric and nice) was not representative of my live performance. The "Acoustic EP," was born shortly after. This album contains songs from "When I Was," new material from the next electric album, and even a few songs I exclusively play live on my acoustic guitar. It's short, sweet and easy to listen too with songs from the home and heart.


released April 2, 2014

All music was written and recorded by Jonathan Cannamore
Recorded at Cannamore Studios
Album cover photo was taken by David Cannamore



all rights reserved


Jonathan Cannamore Alaska

Alternative, folk, and acoustic rock from Anchorage Alaska. I try to share songs from the home and heart through as many different writing angles as possible. Music is an avenue to share experience, hearts and minds to raise us out of our circumstances. ... more

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Track Name: White Walls (Acoustic)
Not once, have white walls
Been so hard to write on
And my heart, has no ink, it won't take long to melt in sink
And I don't know about your fate, and I don't know which route to take
Why did this page taunt me? Now books are full, about thee
No crooked smiles in mathbook sleeves, we drew the fine line
Without even knowing

And not once, have white walls
Been so hard to write on
And my heart has no ink, it won't take long to melt in sink

You stared in, my eyes, you know the sad reprise
These branches, droop low, grab your coat go back to school
And why can't walls be all chest high? Or knots in life be all untied
Show me the painter's blood roll up your sleeves I'll catch your love
And stop in the room with the empty shelves, and place the book all by yourself
Track Name: Calendar (Acoustic)
I've got a calendar, it stares at me each day
Each box is packed full, with all my plans and all my ways
And at the end of each month, I tear off a new sheet
I crumple the last and throw it into the trash

And when I glance into the pit
I see that month inside of it
I feel my life is just destroyed
And that the past is something I will forget, I'll forget
I'll forget, I'll forget

When this all boils down, my months are gone and gone too quick
Each box is packed full, my days pack and time ticks
And at the end of each month, I tear off a new sheet
I crumple the last, it feels so meaningless
Track Name: When I Was (Acoustic)
When I was
When I was
When I was
When I was

That long walk, to our spot
Where we sit, and we talk
It's longer than its, been before
The fog outside, knocks, on our doors

My headphones dangle, from my neck
When we embrace, your ears press
You hear that same, sad, song
That I've listened to all along

When I was lost it was on
When I was young it was on
When I was dumb, it was on
But you said, we're not done
Track Name: Summer (Acoustic)
Colors match the tone
As no one plays alone
Pink, yellow, red and green
Match sounds of joyous screams
A screen door finally in place
It's been so long since I've looked summer in the face
There's reflection in the wind
Maybe it's me
How'd I escape from back then?

Every night I lay out on the roof
So warm I had no socks underfoot
With the temperature rising
This change is, calmly surprising
The blades can run through the toes
The sunlight makes your hair flow
this warmth surrounds me
Will cold return? lets wait and see

The wave of summer
Blew right down the street
It rustled leaves
And drowned out the screams
A screen door stored in the basement
It's been so short summer's not frequent
A jaw drops
And a shiver ensues
At the first fallen leaf
On green grass still new

If you come back down from the sky
Wake me up and open my eyes
If every broken heart healed with light
Mine would surely wilt on your sight

Because you shine
So darn bright
Track Name: Crosses (Acoustic)
In my books and below necks
Reach up the walls and below the cracks
You can find that cross anywhere, find that cross anywhere
When people see it, oh what does it share?
The one who tries to share his faith
He talks in threats and without grace
The ones who treat it like there's treasure below
And that hope is a necessity you need before you go

We reach and we grab for all this comfort
Hands clutch the winds and we get cold hearts
They become blind and wrinkled with life
The world below them with those crosses behind

Glance around and open your eyes
Cuz "X," marks the spot so don't let it pass by
You can find that cross anywhere, find that cross anywhere
When people see it, they just don't care
When we shut our eyes we turn off a light
Like a dampened moon on a cloudy night
You can find that cross anywhere, find that cross anywhere
Because behind the clouds, the moon's still there
Track Name: The Alaska Song (Acoustic)
Livin' in the big 49
Waitin' for the mountains, to be mine
Waiting on a sign
For the light, to catch my eye
It's fuel for my pen
A loving tune, I'm going to send
This light goes through
To the word's, I write for you

From the west Bering Sea
To Canada, I can see
This little nest, for you and me
This Alaska and all you see
From the polar ice caps north
Northern lights, shine before
A trail to you, and so much more
This Alaska, is ours

Hiking in God's backyard
Denali peaks, are so far
Summer suns, never fall
and they shed light, on my guitar
But it's cold for eight long months
That's okay, we'll warm our hearts
And when that sun hits ground
We'll get out and run to town